Sharing samples is a clue that Barrier Protection Systems is willing to be helpful.

Gail Taylor, Dental Lab Tech, Douglas College

We've been using their surface protection products since 1991 and we are very happy with everything we have purchased from them.

Gail Taylor, Dental Lab Tech, Douglas College

We used Barrier Protection Systems' products for over 3 years. Their custom fitted barriers exceeded the quality of other barrier products we had tried.

Petra Edinger, CDA, Trainer, Medix School

Second-to-none surface protection products and above-and-beyond customer service satisfied our clinic's barrier protection needs.

Petra Edinger, CDA, Trainer, Medix School

Thank you Barrier Protection Systems for helping us train our students in time and cost saving techniques.

Petra Edinger, CDA, Trainer, Medix School

Their surface protection products fit our needs. And we've saved money on supply costs too.

Sherrie Koshman, Dental Assisting Trainer, SIAST

We love them!

Michelle, Dental Assistant, Arnold, MD

Turn-Over Your Operatories Quickly and Easily

Customized Surface Solutions

No more one-size-fits-all approach to protecting your dental equipment surfaces. Barrier Protection Systems’ products are customized to protect your operatory surfaces;

Simple Application

Prep your dental equipment and operatories with efficiency. Barrier Protection Systems’ products enable quicker operatory turn-around.

Improved Treatment Focus

Dental procedures are about patient care and patients expect certain things from treatment. Barrier Protection Systems, Ltd provides dental professionals with custom-designed surface protection options. Start with exceptional and efficient dental care in a trustworthy environment.

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Your Confidence Is Guaranteed!

Protect your patients and equipment with our custom-designed barrier protection solutions and take advantage of our 100% risk free guarantee if our products fail to deliver confident surface protection or personal satisfaction.